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The size of the nib, which ranges from extra fine to fine to medium, will determine just how much ink will stream when you write. If you desire thick, vibrant lines, then a bigger nib size would work better, however if you have smaller sized handwriting, opt for a finer size. The nib itself can be made of stainless-steel or gold, so that's actually a matter of design and choice.

Size and Weight The feel of the pen in your hands is essential, so it deserves choosing up a few to see what's finest for your hands' size and the type of writing you normally do. Take This Is Cool of the grip too to make sure the pen feels comfortable and does not slip when you write.

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Fulfill the Expert This roundup was updated by Dawn Papandrea, an individual finance reporter who covers small company topics and loves treating herself to an excellent pen every so often. She is a full-time freelancer with twenty years of writing experience.

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Check out the great art of creative penmanship with OOLY's enjoyable and colorful variety of fountain pens! With a lot of colors and styles to pick from you'll easily discover the best fountain pen for you. We offer fountain pen ink refills too!

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George Carlin as soon as joked that when you get to Paradise, you return whatever you ever lost. By Carlin's impression (NSFW), Saint Peter or whoever else would welcome him at the pearly gates with every item he 'd misplaced: "Here you are: seventy-nine pairs of sunglasses, 2 hundred and twelve cigarette lighters, 4 thousand nine hundred and eighty-three ballpoint pens." By his own account, Carlin was a prolific note-takerin among his final interviews, he explained himself as "an author who performs his own material." That's one factor for the high variety of lost pens, but obviously, he was likewise poking enjoyable at the crappiness and disposability of a typical ballpoint pen.

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